Friday, January 27, 2006

The Essence of Me

by Carol Roach

Long before my earthly incarnation
I was spirit, love and adoration
On central stage among the stars
I circled the planets Venus and Mars

Gestation period cold and dark
Brought forth the rhythm of my heart
Mother womb, portal on earth
I waited for my precious birth

To this world I would be born
A winter rose amid the thorn
Unprepared to brave the quest
I could not let my spirit rest

For there were those who could not see
My heart and soul; the essence of me
They wished that I would disappear
Among the clouds in total fear

The angels heard my spirit cry
My talent they could not deny
One sheltered me beneath her wing
Until she heard my true heart sing

Spirit awakened; robust and alive
Creative juices flowing; I began to strive
The world took notice of my plight
My strength endured; I set things right

For now they understood too well
How they created my living hell
My crafted words today I share
Among the world with tender care

I am who I was meant to be
Aligned with my perfect destiny
For now my future will be bright
I know that I was born to write

Carol Roach


Clare Goodwin said...

What a delight to wake up to this poem today. Yes, to the spirited essence of you!

carolroach said...

thank you clare, and good to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

This poem is great. I linked it to my poetry website. Hope you don't mind the added attention.