Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Where are the lamplights
in the night?
The Venetian blinds are closed,
as are my lips,
listening to the breaths of my lover
sprawled upon satin sheets
like one thousand roses
cast into the foamy seapetals
spread in broken pairs.
What daylight could not conceal—
her omen and her destiny—
her scarred robes revealed
a frowning Lisa,
eyes shut tight.
Where are the lamplights
in the night?

Terza Rima----CONFLICT

He lifted her veil, looked at her face
Sleep so deep, lashes so long
Casting shadows on her cheeks like lace

He stared at her with longing so strong
Tenderness and desire fighting within
Wanting her, how can that be wrong?

Mind, heart or body, who was to win?
This deep-seeded need, was that lust?
With all his guts, body wanted him to sin.

Closed his eyes, stopped himself just
From tasting her sweetness while she slept
Keeping distance from her was must

He walked away not giving in to whim
Would rather wait for her to love him!


~June 04, 2006