Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Island, My Love and Me

The fierce angry heat of the sun gives way to the gentle seductive breezes of the evening. It is inviting; enchanting as it serenades my soul. I gaze into the sky set afire with diamonds,

Proudly glowing

Wickedly sparkling;

Oh the tales they could tell.

I do not want to tell tales. I do not want to speak at all. I stare into my lover’s eyes. He has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. The green of his eyes are the envy of all. The beautiful blue/green Caribbean Sea cannot compete with them. The water shines as the gentle waves splash against the shore.

The smell of the sea mist both salty and tangy appeal to our senses. The sea succumbs to my lover’s beauty. The great one gives up the fight for majesty and bows down in homage. Neptune himself gives orders to the gentle breezes

to tease our senses,

captivate our souls.

He is a gracious opponent.

As the waves sing their lullaby to the shore, I gaze up to the heavens. The stars are smiling. The moon is full and brimming over with pure joy.

I look again to my lover’s eyes, my husband's eyes. They too are shining; they are spilling over with love.

Quietly we sit at our table. We are oblivious to our immediate surrounding. We know there is much activity going on around us here at the Hilton Hotel but we are unmindful of it all.

Our beings are united as one.

One mind

One heart

One soul.

We are at one with love and at one with the sky, the moon, and the sea.

I feel his hand touch mine as we drink in this paradise, this bliss, and I truly understood the words of the song,

"Beautiful Barbados Gem of the Caribbean Sea. You'll find rest; you'll find peace in Barbados. So come back to my Island and me."

Carol Roach
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sandbunting said...

I've memed you. See my latest post

Lesser Spotted

sandbunting said...

I've memed you. See my latest post.

Lesser Spotted